About us

At Flair we live by the mantra:
Good for your clothes. Good for you. Good for the environment.

Flair is good for your clothes.

Flair founder Shermin Zarif has been in the dry-cleaning business for almost two decades. He started in high-end dry cleaning with Dove Cleaners, learning specialized tactics to handle the most premium and delicate garments. He was quick to forge connections with his clients, and learned that a sweater can be as treasured as a couture gown. This knowledge that every garment is precious led to the evolution of Flair – high quality services for an affordable price.

Shermin prides himself in being an educator. As such, he is always looking at trends in the fashion industry and how they may influence the methods that are used to best clean clothing. He also loves to educate both his staff and the consumer, ensuring that consumers know why certain cleaning methods are being used, and that his staff are better able to remove stains and extend the lifespan of clothing.

Flair is good for you.

Flair was founded to bring quality dry cleaning to more people. It is both affordable and convenient. Through our education and knowledge of the dry-cleaning business, we are able to clean your clothing to extremely high standards for less.

Plus, we are convenient. Whether you want to pop into a Flair depot near you or book a pick-up on our website or app, Flair makes it easier than ever to drop off and pick up your clothing. Our at-your-doorstep service allows you to book the time and date that is best for you. We will pick up your clothes from your door and drop them off clean and fresh. Not home? No problem. Our weather-proof garment bags will keep your clothing safe from the elements.

Flair is good for the environment.

All of our cleaning methods are designed to reduce our carbon footprint and exposure to toxins. Shermin and his team’s dry cleaning techniques have always been focused on sustainability. His plants are the first – and only – in Canada to gain the ISO 9001 Quality Registration Certification. Shermin has devoted himself to environmentally-friendly practices and innovations that are beneficial to his clientele, employees, community and the planet. Flair’s dry-cleaning process avoids the use of tetrachloroethylene (perc); instead using a combination of five high-quality, eco-friendly solvents that work well in cold water to enhance the longevity of clothing. Depending on the needs of your garments, Flair also uses with wet cleaning with green cleaners.

At Flair, our focus is on providing convenient and cost-effective dry cleaning services to extend the life of your clothing. We offer the best possible cleaning services that are good for both you and the environment.