Our Services

Trust Us to Care for Your Most Valued Possessions.

Dry Cleaning

Our 5-Step Cleaning Process

Flair’s patented five-step cleaning process ensures that every item receives optimal care and that nothing is overlooked.

  1. A cleaning technician examines fabric type and soil level to determine the best cleaning method.
  2. All garments are pre-spotted with hypo-allergenic detergents. Special care is taken with dress shirts to have their collars and cuffs scrubbed prior to washing.
  3. Our top-of-the line machines are set for optimal cleaning and drying based on your garments’ needs.
  4. All garments are hand-pressed for a clean, crisp finish.
  5. Prior to packaging, all garments are inspected to ensure that results meet Flair’s high-quality standards.

Wash N Fold

Imagine never doing laundry again? We can make your dream a reality with our Wash N Fold services.

  1. Place your dirty items in your personally tagged Flair bag (your first order can be placed in a regular plastic bag). We offer an introductory price of $36/bag (including reusable bag) with all Wash N Folds after at $30/bag.
  2. All items are laundered in high-efficiency machines with top-quality, eco-friendly and
    organic detergents. Your items are tagged and will only be washed with items from your own household.
  3. Your items will be returned to your home clean, folded and ready to be placed in the

Please note that we do not wash and fold under garments of any kind. In addition, silk and fine washables should be dry-cleaned. If these items are included in your wash and fold bag, a staff member will contact you to clarify if you’d like them dry-cleaned or returned to you promptly.

Laundered Shirts

We make laundering your shirts quick, convenient, and hassle-free with our professional, eco-friendly cleaning methods. Flair pays immense attention to detail, ensuring that all shirts are fully de-linted, all missing or cracked buttons are replaced free of charge, and all jobs are hand-finished.

Alterations & Tailoring

Our expert tailoring and alteration services will adjust any garment to perfectly suit your figure—or create custom pieces to help express your individuality. We use techniques and materials that preserve each item’s integrity and ensure no detail is missed.

Designer Labels

Thanks to our gentle washing machines and biodegradable cleaning products, we keep your designer items safe and return them looking good as new: fabrics feel softer, and colours appear brighter than before. Our knowledge of differing materials and unparalleled skills make us one of the safest garment cleaners in the industry for your beloved shirts, dresses, and handbags.

Household & Drapery


Your bedding deserves more than your average washing machine! Pamper your duvets, comforters and sheets with Flair. Our cleaning process eliminates all traces of bacteria and odour, preserving the fine attributes of each fibre and leaving them satiny soft.


Keep allergies at bay by allowing us to cleanse your window dressings of built-up dirt and dust. We’ll leave your home feeling refreshed and sanitized for your family’s health and comfort.

Table Linens and Antique Textiles

Have your precious table linens and heirloom fabrics looked after with care. We’ll clean and restore them to their original condition, getting them stain-free and ready for your next event.

Bridal & Wedding

Trust Flair to preserve the memories of your big day. We will use our extensive fabric knowledge and the most advanced cleaning process in the industry to clean, preserve and restore your wedding gown to the highest of standards. We will ensure that even the most ornate of details is thoroughly cleaned, repaired and protected, applying techniques that are highly specialized for extravagant bead work, pearls, jewels or sequins.

Sports & Hockey Gear

Sports uniforms and equipment are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. To keep your items in perfect condition and your household athletes safe, Flair’s deep cleaning technology works to remove odour and provide thorough sanitization. From hockey bags to yoga pants, we’ll get your sportswear ready for your next match or sweat session.

Leather, Footwear & Outerwear

Leather, Suede & Fur

Our professional leather cleaners restore lost or damaged colour to your leather goods, meaning that any “impossible-to-remove” stains can be expertly covered with colour-matched dye. What’s more, we can darken suedes by two or three shades on request, while fur is delicately and thoroughly cleaned to maintain its original quality.


Get your shoes looking like new with the help of our footwear specialists. Whether your shoes are scuffed, dirty, or showing general wear and tear, we’ll leave these essential accessories immaculate inside and out with our repair and sanitization processes.


From your favourite wool overcoat to your down-filled parka, we keep your cold-weather jackets in immaculate condition. Flair’s gentle, non-toxic cleaning processes maintain your garments’ technical and aesthetic properties, and help you stay warm in freezing temperatures.

Most items can be turned around in under 48 hours. However specialty items can take up to 2 weeks. Please inquire about timing.